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Stupid things guys do

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Stupid things guys do

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the dumbest things men do in movies. Here are the brilliant. Chop wood with their male BFFs when they're angry about something. MCU 2.

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Chop wood with their male BFFs when they're angry about something. And cut themselves while shaving. Touchstone Pictures Sony Pictures Releasing Picasa Quite a lot, actually.

25 dumb things guys do when they want to look ‘manly’ | thought catalog

Curse like it's their full-time jobs. Competing with other guys.

Feel threatened when their girlfriends have successful careers. Bragging about wealth.

Being dirty and smelly and moldy. Treat them like it. Mask their true identity behind a tough, sexist exterior.

Mansplain how women think, act, and feel. Spend as little time as possible on foreplay before having sex.

Walk around the house in nothing but a towel. Taking pride in being dumb. Lie to their girlfriends to avoid their true emotions. You care about them?

Playing with a new foam dart gun, I spotted a loop at the back of the plastic weapon; there to help load the fake bullets. Sony Pictures Releasing 9. I was momentarily blinded. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell atupid the dumbest things men do in movies.

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Netflix Buena Vista Pictures Pictures 7. Manipulate and trick the women they love into feeling thinfs same way. MCU 2. Punch something or someone in a dramatic way.

Fuck that guy. Sorry, most women are not into pubic hair looking beards, smelly BO, wrinkled moldy-smelling clothes, or long fungus infected toe nails. Here are the brilliant.

Pictures Have a Ladies seeking sex Newcastle Wyoming "man cave" of a room if they're bachelors. Netflix 8. Feel like they know everything about the rules of dating between men and women. Pretty sure he got sent home from school cos he got a piece lodged in his nose fo needed to get it flushed out.

19 dumb things men do in movies that are seriously ridiculous

I still have nightmarish flashbacks to snorting the powdered innards of a Lemsip cold and flu capsule, during one particularly bizarre night out in Portsmouth. Perform grand, romantic gestures to make up for something shitty they've done.

Go absolutely bananas if someone doesn't love them back. I brought it up multiple times but Granny sex in Chicago continued to act disrespectfully toward me and I eventually broke up with him. Insulting their girlfriend in front of other guys. Columbia Pictures Be it blokes themselves owning up to idiocy, or women baffled by the actions of their male mates, the calamities are countless.

19 things men do in movies that make zero sense to everyone

Interrupt an important conversation with their partner by kissing them. Confide in bartenders about their personal problems. It hurt.